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Here are many of our incredible featured 2016 artists!

Julie Kirk-Purcell

In 1992 Julie Kirk Purcell began her street painting career at a small, local festival in southern California. What began as a “bit of fun” has developed into a full time passion involving hundreds of paintings in places around the world; she has also created 3D paintings for companies such as Disney, Universal Studios, and Chrysler Corporation. In 2009 she was invited to author a book about street painting technique titled “Sidewalk Canvas”. Subsequently she has worked on coordinating team projects around the world, something that has brought her love for both street painting and teaching together quite successfully. These events have left her with a renewed purpose to push her limits as an artist and to continue her own personal growth in the medium that she has helped spread around the world with her commissions, lectures and workshops.

Jamin Zuroski

Artist Jamin Zuroski is of the Namgis First Nation descent and has lived in Victoria, B.C. most of his life. This is also where many of his family members and artistic mentors live. Jamin has studied and practised much of his cultural heritage through West Coast Native Art and learned most of his artistic skills from Victor and Carey Newman. He works with a variety of mediums including canvas, wood panel and murals. Jamin has become a regular with the Victoria International Chalk Art Festival, this year will be his fourth consecutive year. We look forward to seeing another amazing piece by him!

Adry del Rocio

Mexican artist Adry del Rocio began her career as a painter at the young age of 5, by receiving her first prize in an infantile painting contest. Since then she has accumulated the 43 prizes in local, national and international level prizes. As a 3D artist, she has worked for many international companies such as Disney, and Adidas, and now organizes her own street painting festival in her native city, Guadalajara.

Joel Yau

Joel Yau is from San Rafael, California and is a professional illustrator and a graphic artist. He discovered street painting at the San Rafael Italian Street Painting Festival in 1996 and returned to perform this ephemeral art form at this event any many others around the world. His most recent creations feature images from the 1940’s & 1950’s, and when creating these renditions on the asphalt canvas he expertly captures expressive eyes and brilliant colours.

Lori Escalara

Based in San Diego, Lori centered her artistic life in the suburbs of Southern California. Her artistic interests are figurative and revolve around the study of the figure. In 1994 Lori began Chalk Art Street Painting and by 2008 she had become one of the world’s most top recognized street painters. More than anything, Lori wants her art to inspire and to instill a positive change in people’s lives.

Ruben Poncia

Born in The Netherlands, Ruben started as a professional artist in 1996 mainly painting large billboards advertising movies for theatres and cinemas, he then moved on to acrylic and oil paintings. His main focus for the past 10 years has been 3D street painting, and he finds it both an artistic challenge and a performance.

Sarah Jim

Sarah is a curious young artist locally grown on Vancouver Island. While attending the University of Victoria studying art, she actively creates a spectrum of work. These projects and activities include drawing, painting, jewelry making, guitar playing, and flow arts (hula hooping/poi). Sarah’s inspirations derive from her surroundings, she loves the beach, the forest, the sun, the moon, and the stars which is displayed in a lot of her art.

Wayne and Cheryl Renshaw

Wayne and Cheryl Renshaw are a husband and wife team of street painters from Santa Clara, California, located in the heart of Silicon Valley. They have been pursuing street painting since the year 2000. Not only does it give them an excuse to play in the street, it has allowed them to share their artwork publicly. The two design and paint about a dozen original paintings a year, with their style tending towards 3D photo realism, often interactive, allowing the visitor to become part of the image’s story.

Scott Gillies

Scott's passion for art began at an early age, but it wasn’t until 2006 that Scott decided to study art at a higher level. Moving to Vancouver to study Animation Art & Design was a life changing experience that set him on his current path. Scott now owns and operates an animation, illustration and video production company called Azara Effect Productions.

Ken Winchester

Ken Winchester is a self-taught artist who started drawing sandwich boards for Niagara Grocery, which he owns with his wife Jennifer McKimmie. With its puns, quotes, and cheeky artwork, the board became something of a James Bay institution, and Ken was invited to participate in the Festival. Four years later, Ken’s art still focuses on local food & farming. His day job is Winemaker & Distiller at deVine Vineyards in Saanich.

Lorelle Miller

California artist Lorelle Miller exhibits a sensitivity of mood and emotion in her work that is unique, a look into the deeper wells of her experience. Her motivation is to express and communicate appreciation of natural beauty and the intensity of the human experience. Her commitment to her work is steadfast, with a burning desire to learn and develop her craft to the utmost.

Paul Bains

Paul graduated from BCIT in Mechanical Engineering Technology, and also studied Art & Sculpture. During the day he operates a small machine shop for a living, and makes parts for heavy equipment. Art has always been an important part of the design process, and is just as useful as machine and welding skills. He has spent several years in sports car racing, and also paints in acrylic water color in his spare time.

Ever Galvez

Ever Galvez began his artistic journey enriched by the vibrant colors of Mexico and eventually by the multicultural influences of Southern California, he is internationally known for his award winning chalk street painting talents. His art shares an interpretation of color combined with a deep respect for the traditional arts to create a form of realism that he believes brings a subject’s true colors and emotions to the surface for all to experience. He is also heavily involved in supporting philanthropic causes, and has a strong desire to help people through creativity.

Naomi Kennedy

Originally from Penticton, Naomi lives and works in Victoria as an artist, and community worker. She is passionate about art and finds it a powerful vessel, for it is a visceral way to merge design, color, and iconography. Naomi sees no separation from her life lessons and her art, as she infuses her environmental and societal values into each brushstroke. She takes pride in creating images that can instigate conversations, impact emotional growth, or simply captivate. To this day, the majority of her works echo her love for the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.

Erica Pelletier

Erica studied fine and applied arts at Capilano University. She is now a Victoria local who also works closely with select aboriginal artists. This is her third consecutive Victoria International Chalk Art Festival.

We would also like to acknowledge the many other artists who will be participating in chalking along Ship Point this September 10th and 11th!

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